Sri Lazat Food Industrial Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1999, in Johor Bahru, Johor. West Malaysia. Producing high quality and hygienic products has always been our promise towards our success in this industry. Similarly, we have setup good ties and developed strong networks with our resellers/dealers and has always gained trusts from our valued customers. From various aspects, we have done many studies and researches at our product. We understand the need of our customers in regards of all races and religions. Therefore, we are very proud to be recognized and certified by our local authorities with “HALAL” certification as well as being a proud “Products of Malaysia” (Barangan Buatan Malaysia). We also understand, in a hectic working environment as today, there are more and more families who are unable to spend time on preparing a sumptuous meal to their beloved ones. From our studies, there are many people has misconceptions of cooking curry is tedious and causing lots of hassles. They rather eat out than spending endless time in cooking. Therefore, Sri Lazat Food Industrial Sdn. Bhd. has spent countless hours to produce a hassle-free curry recipes and has made new era where cooking curries has ever been easier. Therefore, we are very confident that this product will be a success and well known in Malaysia and overseas. We are also making plans to market these products throughout Malaysia and to the International market especially the Middle East and China.

富升食品有限公司于1999年成立于马来西亚柔佛州新山。我们研发出来的产品是采用高科技的卫生技术制成,以使产品有高品质及卫生水平。经过了多年的努力,我们已在分销商及顾客群建立了良好的信誉。我们接下来将研发多种更具特色的风味酱料,把我们的分销网推广到每个角落,让顾客有更多选择。 据我们调查,现今社会多为双薪家庭,成员不多,在家里烹煮咖喱等本地美食,除需准备多种新鲜香料,也耗费不少时间,因此往往他们宁可到外享用本地美食也不愿在家自行烹煮。大多数消费者指出,除了准备材料的问题,烹煮咖喱酱料时满屋子的辛辣油烟味更让他们望而却步。而且,一些小家庭人数不多,让掌厨者难以拿捏配料及份量,因而使口味变得过重或过淡。故此,为了能让大家省下时间及精力,富升特别推出一系列独家美味咖喱酱料。这让消费者从此不再只是望“酱”兴叹,而能在短短的10分钟内做出一道道美味的咖喱料理,轻轻松松变成一位顶级厨师!