Ikan Brand 酱料制造过程

Sri Lazat Food always emphasizes on quality and hygiene in our products. We strongly believe our valued customers would enjoy our products safely and healthy for better and original taste. In order to increase the confidence of our customers, Lazat Food is proudly present our high standard and quality productions in our products. 富升食品有限公司非常注重产品的质量和卫生。我们坚信我们尊贵的顾客能享有安全、健康及原汁原味的产品。为了提高顾客对产品的信心,富升食品有限公司隆重介绍高标准高质量的产品生产过程。

Step 1

Select high quality and fresh ingredients by our professional purchasers.我们的专业采购人员选择高质量且新鲜的食材。

Step 2

Selected ingredients will be sent to factory for hygiene process.经由挑选的材料将被送到工厂进行卫生处理。

Step 3

After the hygiene process, certain ingredients will be grinded into powder form and some will be cut into tiny pieces.经过卫生处理,原料将被研磨成粉末或切割成小块。

Step 4

Then,all the ingredients and spices will be cooked together for about 3 hours.所有的食材和香料将混合烹煮约3小时。

Step 5

After cooking ,the paste is ready for packing. 煮好的酱料将进行包装。

Step 6

Packing will be done in automated process in order to meet high standard demands.包装过程由系统自动处理,以满足高标准的要求。

Step 7

Finished goods will be shipped to our appointed resellers and distributors after pass through all stages of quality control . 产品通过品质管理后,将被运往指定经销商与分销商。